New Photos!

Check out the gallery for photos of pottery on sale at Bruce’s most recent craft show at the Cheltenham Art Center. Please contact the artist for availability of similar work.


This is a frienly reminder that Bruce Weiner will be exhibiting his wares at Keswick Village’s first annual Fall Festival tomorrow from 12-6PM. Click here for more details. We hope that you will join us!

Wrightstown Farmers’ Market

This Saturday from 9AM to 1PM, you can find Bruce Weiner at the Wrightstown Farmers’ Market. Meet the artist, purchase beautiful handcrafted tiles and ceramics, and enjoy the (hopefully) sunny May weather! Click here for more information.

Artist Statement

My work is defined by my observations of how forces in nature shape the environment. It is intriguing to me how seemingly random and sometimes subtle events craft the earth’s crust to create works of infinite beauty.

For me it is the ceramic processes that translate these natural phenomena into a working language. The more this language is understood, the more it can be used to express artistic vision.

In nature, the peaks of a mountain range, snowflakes in a storm, or trees in a forest appear at first glance to be identical, but upon closer scrutiny, each has its own amazing character because of variation of process.

My goal is to create works that speak of these differences.
I want them to become primarily a physical record of the forces and materials that I use to express my artistic vision.